Mad Tanks Destroy enemy tanks and solve puzzles in this thrilling action/puzzle game! Solve the puzzles and destroy the enemy tanks in Mad Tanks! Inspired by Sokoban and Tanks, the game is s [...]
Suislidal Suislidal is a quick and simple arcade game, where you must control the protagonist’s horizontal movements as he bounces from spike to spike. Impale yourself as many times as [...]
Space Rebel be the space rebel that shoots down all enemies and saves the earth
Merry Eat Mess Cute little bear is in hibernation and dreaming of food. Try to eat the desired set of animals to get points, power-ups and extra-time. With every completed set you will get a bit [...]
Monstersaurus See how long you can last before Monstersaurus’s antisocial tendencies send him spiraling to his own destruction. Controls: – Hold down the mouse to move Monstersaurus [...]
Dungeons Of Battles 1 Dungeons of Battles is a battle type of game.There are 6 roles of it, the Legend of Gunner is the very first version of them, which has a completed role, while other roles will be [...]
Beat the Meter Each Driver has $10.00 they wish to spend at the pumps. When a car arrives, use the cursor keys to guide Stelios to a pump to start filing it up. But make sure you return to the ca [...]
BloBBER Blobber couldn’t be easier or more fun to play — and you can only play it exclusively on Shockwave! You’re a little blob who’s looking to become… well, a bigger b [...]
OopsAUfo A shoot em up with cartoonish graphics and a challenging gameplay! Tips Move vertically non-stop! Use Laser fastly and as much a you can! Use Shield as much a you can since the ene [...]
Starfall Demo N/A move your character from one end of the map to the other by going through mazes while dodgign flying objects, although some levels are not as straight forward your may need to [...]