A slot bonus can make a huge difference. When you’re playing online slot games it’s very likely that you wont make any big winnings for a long period of time. You can virtually play every day for weeks and you will only lose or maybe break even. There’s a huge variance when playing on slot machines. That means that most of the time you will lose a bit but one time you’ll make a huge win. You can only hope that this huge win is bigger than everything else but nobody can guarantee that. So you have to find a proper slot bonus to compensate for these bad times. The best bonus can be found at CherryRed in my opinion. There’s a 100% up to $777 deposit bonus that can be cleared at online slot machines very easily. So for example you deposit $500, then you’ll get a $500 bonus. When you’re playing a few hours and you will lose $400 chances are that you cleared the bonus during this time and get $500 on top. This compensates for all your losses and even adds a nice profit.

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How important is a slot bonus?

To be honest, a slot bonus is extremly important. Ok, if you really just want to play for fun and for the sake of it you can give a sh*t about a bonus. But if you want to make some money and maximize your winning chances you have to care about your bonus. This even means that you have to jump from casino to casino using the best bonus offer out there. Sure, this may cost the casino some money but hey, you want to make your share to and they wont run out of business either. So even if you feel like a whore, this is your only chance to maximize your winnings long term.