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Playing online games can be a lot of fun and there are plenty of games to choose. You may want to play FarmVille on Facebook with your friends, play soccer online with players from around the world with your Xbox or just playing on online slot machines. To me as gaming enthusiast I love to play lots of different games but my favorite are slot games. Why? Because you can win a lot of money playing it. When you look at FarmVille or other Zynga online games you only pay money and don’t have a chance to win. Sure, you don’t have to pay if you don’t want but still. When you play other games for free you wont have to pay anything but you cant win anything either. That’s also not very good. That’s why I’m only looking for games where I can win and win big. And these are slot games to me. They are fast and full of action. You don’t have to know any secret strategies or stuff like that. It’s plain simple and everybody can play. So everybody can win. In 2011 a 21 year old Norwegian won 12 Million with one spin! Think about that. This is a lot of money and he was even using a promotion called “free spins” where an online casino credits your account with free attempts to win. You don’t have to wager anything. And this guy won 12 Million with that! That’s amazing, isn’t it?

So you may ask where to play online slot games. You can play for free if you don’t want to risk any money but you can also play for real money. And if you’re looking for real action and real winnings, you have to play for real money. It’s that simple. Obviously you don’t have to. So here’s my recommendation for slot games: CherryRed. There you can find lots of different slot machines with huge jackpots. You’ll also receive $7777 as bonus if you want to. Lots of action, lots of games and lots of huge jackpots to be won. CherryRed is my top choice.

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Online Slot Games

You may ask why online slot games are that interesting. To be honest, I did not know that either when I started to play. Reason was that I just did not understand what’s so interesting when you have no strategy or play against other players. You only spin a wheel and that’s it. After spinning it you have no influence at all. You may win or not and that’s it. But the same is true for any lottery. Why are millions playing every week? There are also no strategies and to me it’s very boring. I think the secret is the big winnings that are possible. You can win millions when you’re lucky and maybe you can retire. You can make a fortune within a very short period of time. Slots are exactly that and with online slot games you can even win every single day, every hour, every minute or any second. You can make it real every time. That’s why Millions are playing online slot games nowadays. I know it sounds strange but this is the only explanation I found.

Making a slot download

When you want to play online games you always have to ask yourself whether you want to play with a download or not. Ok, you don’t have the choice everywhere. When you’re playing flash games online you don’t and can’t make a download. But if you’re playing online slots you have this option most of the time. Then you can either make a slot download or play with a web based platform in your browser. Good casinos offer both options. When you make a slot download you have the advantage that you can start immediately. But you have to download and setup the whole software one time. When you’re playing on different computers it’s better not to make a slot download and get used to browser based versions. The reason is that you can’t make a download on every computer and the browser based version works well on different computers.

Are there any slot strategies?

When you’re browsing the web for slot strategies you will find lots of people that want to tell you that there are some. Sure, there are slot strategies but the question is if they’re succesful or not. You can have a strategy for everything: making the dishes or approaching a woman – but nobody knows in advance whether they are succesful or not. And the same is true for online slot games. You can have the “best” strategy and still lose. And this is the case here. In the long run you won’t make any money, that’s for sure. The only thing you can do is maximizing your expected winnings. So for example you should pick a nice slot bonus and play on slot machines with a nice progressive jackpot. This way you will clear a bonus that may bring you a few hundred dollar. And you have the chance to win a huge jackpot. Obviously there’s no guarantee that you will win any jackpot but the chance alone is worth it. You have to be very lucky to win one but if you do you will have no problems financing your new ride!