Swift Slap Ms. Swift has gotten a bit full of herself. Slap her to knock her down a few pegs. Using your mouse swing back and forth to slap little ol’ Ms. Swift.
Tank Escape The aim of the game is to destroy all the ten enemy guns, and cross the exit gate in minimum time. Move your tank to find out the enemy guns. Use W/A/S/D keys or arrow keys to move [...]
Monstersaurus See how long you can last before Monstersaurus’s antisocial tendencies send him spiraling to his own destruction. Controls: – Hold down the mouse to move Monstersaurus [...]
Resistance en la City, Valencia Intenta sobrevivir a las oleadas de antidisturbios y lucha por tus derechos. Unete al “enemigo” y resiste! Try to survive the riot squad and fight for your rights! Join [...]
Medieval Castle Defense Defend your castle against invaders and earn money and research new soldiers. Place soldiers next to the road to defend against invaders. Pick up the money from dead soldiers to ge [...]
Dungeons Of Battles 1 Dungeons of Battles is a battle type of game.There are 6 roles of it, the Legend of Gunner is the very first version of them, which has a completed role, while other roles will be [...]
Cube Slingshot - Highscore Level Pack 20 levels – highscore pack
Cheese Sandwich 2 The Evil Chocolate Sandwiches are back, and now they kidnapped Hanna’s boyfriend and took over the cheese sandwich factory. Now Hanna must save her boyfriend and the factory [...]
The Pain Dummy Make sure you hurt this dude as much as possible, or if you are angry and don’t want to hurt someone in real life, this is your solution. You can also imagine it’s a vo [...]
Notepad Defence Protect Notepad City from an incoming comet storm. You have four canons available and limited amount of rockets. Protect all you buildings and canons and get honored after you pass [...]